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We are some of the Profit Nerds, entrepreneurs, designers and developers who believe it shall be really easy to understand the unit economics for small businesses.

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How to Determine “Cost of Acquisition” of your SaaS Business?
Posted on Wednesday February 20, 2019

A SaaS business relies and depends upon its customers majorly. When it comes to the initial phase of setting up your business, your inclination must be to acquire more and more new customers by all means possible. There is one thing although which is often undermined – “Cost of acquisition” which can add up a …

Top 7 Tips for Small Business to control cost
Posted on Thursday February 14, 2019

Small businesses are being constantly squeezed by rises in expenses, so controlling costs is more essential than ever. As the owner of a small business, your primary goal is to maintain healthy cash flow and at the same time reduce business expense. In order to avoid being one of the startups that fail, follow the …

Small Business Financing: Debt or Equity?
Posted on Wednesday February 13, 2019

Businesses in their initial years often need external funds in order to maintain their operations and invest in future growth. Finding that money can be a real challenge. There are these basic funding options which small entrepreneurs can avail: Debt and equity. Each type has its own share of pros and cons. What Is Debt Capital? Debt financing is the …

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