Smart Inventory Management for QSRs


Welcome !!! If you are reading this then my general assumption is that you are a QSR manager or owner and are looking forward to a POS software and device that does more than just invoicing and also contributes to your Inventory Management or you are just interested in Inventory Management as a whole. If you belong to the former category then you are at the right place and your search ends here but if you belong to the latter one then I suggest you be ready to be amazed by what a simple POS software and device can do. So sit back relaxed and let us enrich you how SlickAccount’s simple POS software and the device can solve your inventory issues.

                                                     Before we begin a piece of short information for your reference, in this blog we will be specifically talking about how our POS software and devices can help you track your Inventory Consumption in a Smarter and much more efficient way and at the same time help you manage it. If you haven’t gone through our first blog which gives the reader a broad picture about the plethora of solutions that SlickAccount’s POS software and devices will give you then we suggest you go through it first. But if you already have gone through this then you are most welcome and without further delay let’s begin.

1. Smart Menu Preparation   

Yes!!! You read it right. With SlickAccount’s POS software you can now prepare a Smart-Menu for your QSRs. A Smart-Menu helps you to fix what and how much ingredients are used for preparing each unit of dish in your menu so that you can keep a track of the consumption of the ingredients used every time they are purchased and an entry is made on the POS device. The Admin only has the authority to specify the quantity of ingredients. This Smart-Menu can solve many issues like –

a.  Quality Control

Think of a situation when you are worried about the consistent decline in your QSR’s sale and while going through your Inventory records you notice that your QSR sold only 100 Plates of Pizza and as per your Smart-Menu your kitchen’s stock of Salt should have gone down by 1000 grams but it has gone down by just 800 grams, which means that 200 grams of Salt has not been used which also means that per pizza you are using 2 grams less salt which is actually causing decline in the quality. Now not only you got the answer to why the sales are down but also the reason for such decline. Now you can easily direct your Chef, what he has done wrong even without knowing how to cook a Pizza. Take some Pride.

b. Detect Frauds

At SlickAccount we always try to bring you products that empower you to do more with less and with our POS software we also have tried to do so with the Equalization feature you can always match the quantity of ingredients that you have specified in your Smart-Menu and the quantity of ingredients used.

                                                    Let’s take an example of a Coffeeshop that provides a Special Custom-made tea by its Brand. If one of its outlet has been given 10 cartons of tea bags, that should last 2 months according to your calculations. All your outlets have the same consumption rate of those tea bags but only one outlet is demanding more and more inventory for Tea bags, without any increase in sales figures. The data from POS software calculates that they should be having Inventory for one more month according to their consumption (ie. from their sales data). Then you find out that there might be some fraud or mismanagement out there in the outlet. Saves Money right ?????

c. Detect Errors in Ingredient usage specified

Think of a situation when you are introducing a new Local menu-item so that it caters to the Local test buds. Now you will be adding this new food item into your existing the Smart-Menu in our POS software and you will be mentioning the ingredients that will be used per unit (this might be an average ingredient because you might not have the established standard for this item). After one month of the introduction of this item, you notice that all the outlets are consuming more than specified Mayonnaise (just an example). Then you talk to the chefs out there and you find out that the Customers demand more Mayonnaise with this specific food item and you find out that all your outlets now require 10 more Mayonnaise bottles per outlet. 

So you are now better prepared to cater the customers’ demands at the same time a better understanding comes out about the usage with the Smart-Menu ingredient specification. 
Splendid !!! Isn’t it?

Smart Inventory Management

With our Software, we always try to enable you to do more than what you were traditionally used to doing with such software. That being said our POS software is no different, we not only provide you just a platform to prepare invoices but a plethora of solutions with it.  Solutions which will enable you to -:

a. Notification on reaching Minimum Required Stock

If you are a QSR you never want to go out of stock. The stocks provide you with the flexibility to cater to the extra demand that may arise sometime. At the same time, a minimum stock has to be kept to avoid unnecessary stoppage in services which if happens may dampen the Brand image.

                                                 With SlickAccount’s POS software now forget about going out of stock. What you have to do is just specify the amount of Minimum Stocks that you want to keep. SlickAccount’s POS software will keep a track of your usage and at the backend, it will see the amount of stocks being used and when you reach the minimum stock it will give you a notification that you have reached the minimum stocks so that you never run out of those stocks.

b. Auto Generation of Purchase Requisition

Preparing a purchase requisition is not your duty. Not anymore!! SlickAccount’s POS software tracks your usage of inventory and when you reach the reorder point (which you will be specifying at the beginning), it gives you a notification.

 Then it prepares a Purchase Requisition in which supplies are mentioned and you just have to specify the amount of inventory that you want to order and select the supplier that you want the requisition to be sent to and it’s done. It will send the requisition to the Supplier directly on his \ her mail (which you have to specify when you prepare the Supplier’ Profile). Stupendous!!! Right??


c. Inventory Tracking cum Stock Transfer

Facing issues with managing all those inventory movements from one or many warehouses to the Kitchens??? Might have thought of purchasing all those not so good and expensive software which requires you to manually input at the end of the month all the particulars and track the usage by the requisitions received and given??? If you are considering purchasing such software then we might just give you a disclaimer that you are spending your money to purchase more headaches.


 Forget all these software!!! SlickAccount’s POS software will Smartly Manage your Inventory. It will enable you to track the movement of stocks from your main Warehouse to all the Kitchens of various outlets, and all those Stock transfer that sometimes happens between your outlets, at the same time give you the flexibility to track in real-time the status of various Outlet’s Kitchen Stock.


d. Waste Management

If you own or manage QSR already then this part plays a huge role in your business. The main issue here in this business is wastages. It might be caused due to the expiry of ingredients or due to mishandling or misutilization or simply because of the overestimation of demand. These issues will happen now and then, but one needs to keep a track of it. Once kept a track a pattern will emerge through which one can understand the number of wastages happen and the causes behind such wastage.

                                                                                          SlickAccount’s POS software will keep a record of the ingredients purchased and its Expiry date if any with it. It will automatically make an entry of Waste product once it crosses that time period specified as its expiry date. Also if one of your product has expired or due to some mishandling the product is wasted then one can make a manual entry into the POS software so that its shown as a wastage. Keeping a track of these wastages one can differentiate between general wastage in production, and unnecessary wastages in production, and try to minimize the unnecessary wastages.

Fabulous as it gets Right !!!!!

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