QSRs! Are you still a SLAVE to your POS Machines?

Are you a Quick Service Restaurant chain and are still using the traditional POS devices to create invoices and bills to your customers? Then listen to this bitter truth, “You are a Slave to these devices”. Its high time that you wake up! Meet a world, that has long gone ahead of you.

In an era where QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) are growing popularity and with almost 65% of Indian population aged less than 35 the growth in this sector is justified. One must be fast in operations and managing customers to be one step ahead. QSR’s need to be at par with the current tech-savvy customers. These customers not only value new techs but also value the time they save and flush out the extra efforts; so in short they need everything they do, to be quick and fast. That is why your QSR is valued more by this Generation, so when it comes to billing and paying for all the experiences that they so enjoyed, don’t make them stand in a queue and wait. This will take away all the good feel that they experienced from your finger licking foods and ambience that you created so cautiously.

Enrich your customer’s paying experience with SlickAccount’s state-of-the-art complete POS and reporting solution. With our POS and reporting solution you not only stand at par with the industry standard but also one step ahead of them. With SlickAccount’s software you can -:

  1. Say BYE to Billing Counters with Long Wait Times

Yes, now do away with all those traditional POS devices and with SlickAccount’s POS device reduce your customers waiting time. You only need to have a smart phone with your attendant to take orders from the customers and the invoice is prepared in background and once the attendant closes the order the invoice is ready at the POS device, so that now you can avoid those long ques and boring waiting minutes of your customers. Not only that new customers don’t need to wait for long to get the Table.

  1. With Online Invoices save on Papers and Printing Expenses

Why print invoices when your customer can have an invoice in his\her cell phone which he\she can view at any time by just visiting the link received by him when he\she pays. This not only saves the extra effort to print the invoice but also saves your corporate customers the worry to preserve those bills for their Food and Travel Allowances.


  1. Inventory Management

Now manage your QSR Kitchen stocks from anywhere. Get an alert whenever your Vegetable stocks are about to go out of use. Monitor expressly in real time the stocks available to you. Automatically order the purchase of stock when it reaches the minimum level of stocks set by you.

  1. Ease in Operation

Bid adieu to all those complicated POS software and start your smart billing with easy to use POS devices and software by Slick Account. The attendant has to only put in the orders of the customers and the orders will be visible in the Kitchen’s display with table number and all the details of the order. The attendants can also get the notifications when the order is being prepared and when the order is ready to be served. Once customer asks for the bill, attendant will close the order and the invoice will be created by the POS device.

  1. Support Your CRMs

Support your CRMs with customized text SMSs and Emails to your customers. With our POS software you can communicate to your customers by the Mobile numbers and Email ID that they provide while making the invoice, about the various sale and offers that you want to give. This ensures that all your marketing efforts receive the leads that they were intended to.

  1. Easy Integration with your Existing software

Now easily integrate with your existing and new software to do more than just billing to your customers. Link the data to your CRM software, HR Software and Analytics Software (Like ProfitBoard) to make better decisions in short span of time.

  1. Prepare Quick Reports

Prepare quick daily, weekly and Monthly report of sales to your management. With our POS software prepare reports like –

Sales based on mode of payment (Ex- Cash \ Wallet Sales made Today)

Sales based on particular item (Ex- Sales of “Biriyani” today)


  1. Dashboard that shows you all the detail beautifully

With SlickAccount’s dashboard, you never miss a detail. Check all the details like the recent activities with respect to Income, Statistics, Purchase list & mini stock list. Add all the ongoing activities easily which makes all your work faster & accurate.

What makes SlickAccount DIFFERENT !!!

  1. Cloud based Software for Easy Access

Now you don’t have to worry about losing your data and running into a problem if you forget to take back up, as our POS software is cloud based and all your data is being uploaded into the cloud based storage so that you never lose your precious data.

  1. Real time Tracking of Multiple Outlet

Now multiple outlets can be managed from a distance. You can sit back at our office and find all the real time data at your disposal so that you stay updated all the time.

  1. Cheaper than any Hardware Purchase

The thing that makes our product so attractive is the price that we offer. Our price is at large the best available with the features provided. To know more contact – +91-7440009899.

by @Tarini prasad Rath

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