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The team


Co-founder, CEO

Jyoti is responsible for marketing and sales. He is often involved in advising local entrepreneurs. In leisure he will be found shopping for family.
  1. Busy marketing & selling


Co-founder, COO

Bibhu is responsible for the operations, sells and HR activities. He is also our on-demand support guy. A family man and in leisure he can be found busy roaming with family & friends.
  1. Busy marketing & looking after finance


Co-founder, Product Manager & CTO

Sanmaya works on the overall product. He is the product manager, lead coder and designer of the software. He is also our support guy. In leisure he reads & writes poems, novels and short stories. He is actively advising startups since years.
  1. Busy supporting & coding



Binayak is our jumping jack of our operation tools developer and JS jangler. In leisure he will be found watching movie or roaming towns.
  1. Coding & Integrating

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