Monthly financial-head based budget

Now prepare the budget for your monthly expenditure and target income with ProfitBoard’s budgeting tools.

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Annual budget

Put ProfitBoard to work by creating a timeline for a year and create your yearly budget according to your expense cycle.

Project/search based budget

Use the modified search feature to find and create a customized budget based on specific areas/elements of your business. This feature allows you to monitor and create a budget on a detailed level. Ex. Create a budget for marketing on Facebook.

Project Type: Web design Marketing Channel: FB Money: Out
# Date1 Date2 Date3
Step Budget 3000
Total Budget 3000 8000 8200
Fund source: Same 0 3000 8200
Fund source: Outside 2000 3000 0
Remark Profitable Under the budget

Timeline based budget for searches coming soon

Make allowance for the various shifts within a budget cycle by creating smaller budget pockets according to your need within your larger budget. This feature gives you unprecedented flexibility and control over your budget.

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Do much better budgeting today.

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