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We are some of the Profit Nerds, entrepreneurs, designers and developers who believe it shall be really easy to understand the unit economics for small businesses.

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Structuring your project cashflow – Why do web designing and IT services companies face cash flow issues?
Posted on Sunday May 20, 2018

Here I discussed one part of the problem and how to structure your project cash flow and payment schedules. If you want such clarity use ProfitBoard from SlickAccount for a solid project profitability dashboard. Let me know if I need to produce more such videos on project pricing and profitability.

Why is budgeting a key to small business success?
Posted on Thursday May 10, 2018

Why companies or say start-up companies need a fully fledged budget plan to successfully run their business? But the question is why? What will happen if they just spend money on priority expenses without following any plan? What will be the consequence of this activity? We will answer all above questions and budgeting related confusing …

Cash Flow importance for a business & how to do it effectively?
Posted on Tuesday April 10, 2018

Lets’ define cash in a scientific way. If we take the company as a human body then cash is the blood. Then why blood, because it’s the most needed thing same as oxygen. A human can’t survive without blood and oxygen and a company can’t run without money, which is cash and human resource, which …

Latest from the GST blog