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If you want to understand where you are heading financially.

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If you want to manage your accounting & inventory and file GST reports

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We are some of the Profit Nerds, entrepreneurs, designers and developers who believe it shall be really easy to understand the unit economics for small businesses.

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Top 19 Finance related tips every SaaS founder should know
Posted on Friday December 07, 2018

Owning and running a Saas business is definitely not a child’s play. There are daily challenges and hiccups which the entrepreneurs have to face and overcome to keep the business running. Therefore, we have done some research, tried to understand the pattern and have come up with a few pointers for you to follow for …

Top Financial Goals to be in Your Bucket List in 2019
Posted on Tuesday December 04, 2018

We are here in the last month of this year. It’s time to set some important goals that you need to achieve by next year. These goals will help you mark lasting changes and take control over your finances. Whether you choose to do just a few of them or you are ready to tackle all of …

Marketing basics for your SaaS Business
Posted on Friday November 23, 2018

As we all know, the popularity of SaaS knows no bounds lately and almost all businesses are trying to put their heads into this. Because the recent acquisitions have sparked a lot of interest in SaaS like for example Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn for $26.2B back in 2016. Post that, there were more acquisitions and purchases …

Latest from the GST blog