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If you want to understand where you are heading financially.

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GST Accounting Software

If you want to manage your accounting & inventory and file GST reports

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We are some of the Profit Nerds, entrepreneurs, designers and developers who believe it shall be really easy to understand the unit economics for small businesses.

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How to ensure long-term success while building SaaS?
Posted on Saturday January 05, 2019

A good and Innovative technology helps a company serves the world much more efficiently, and businesses have the potential to develop and execute such solutions. Building such software can prove to be incredibly rewarding but also quite challenging. Ensuring a SaaS business sustaining the fast-paced world is not easy but can definitely be targeted and …

Budgeting Guideline for Web design Start-ups
Posted on Saturday December 29, 2018

What is Budgeting? A budget lets a business owner measure its performance in an objective manner, control cash flows and allows him to invest in new opportunities at the appropriate time. An effective budget also highlights business decisions that require attention to enable smooth future operations. Since small business is not a black and white …

How to safeguard Your SaaS Business?
Posted on Wednesday December 26, 2018

Developing a new Service (SaaS) product isn’t as easy as it sounds. It involves a lot of time, efforts and definitely costs which as a founder, you are liable to endure. The work starts from envisioning the idea to chalking out the plan and a tremendous amount of efforts and time needs to be put …

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