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If you want to understand where you are heading financially.

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We are some of the Profit Nerds, entrepreneurs, designers and developers who believe it shall be really easy to understand the unit economics for small businesses.

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Demo: How to check your project’s profitability and pricing with ProfitBoard
Posted on Tuesday July 17, 2018

Nearly two months ago, I shared why web design companies face cash crunches. Today I’ll show you a demo on how you can do that with ProfitBoard: Our cash flow management app for web design businesses. Hope you will like it. Please let me know what else you wanted to cover next. If you want …

How Profits and Cash Flows Are Different?
Posted on Monday July 16, 2018

Profits are defined as revenue fewer expenses. They may also be referred to as net income. Cash flows, on the other hand, refer to the inflows and outflows of cash for a particular business. Bringing in profits does not always increase cash instantly and incurring an expense does not always reduce cash instantly. Let’s assume …

8 best ways to turn accounts receivable into cash
Posted on Wednesday July 04, 2018

Before moving to accounts receivable management first, let’s find out what’s the definition of accounts receivable management. Accounts receivable referred to as the collection of due payments or credit sale payments a company or business owed to its customers. And accounts receivable management is a process of collecting more due payments to inflow more cash into …

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