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The simplest money management software for profit oriented business

I have been really happy using the SlickAccount System for more than two years now, been a great journey for me.
Ishan Vyas, Aspricot

Income, Expense, Bank Transfer

Simple way to keep all your transactions, in front of your eyes. All the time.

SlickAccount Entry Screen

Enter your transactions faster than you can make yourself a cup of tea. While you enter all your transactions, SlickAccount becomes smarter & accurate to suggest you decisions that'll make you profitable.

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Find, Search

Find any past data in a fraction of second

Finding when you paid for your web hosting last year is no more a trouble. Nor finding daily profit. Nor even finding the profit from a project. Nor finding what all your partner spent for business from his personal account.

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Planning, Budgeting

Make your business earn desired profit.

Budget & plan

No more hassle tracking your minute goals in real-time. Profitable businesses track their progress everyweek. Setting goals makes it easy to achieve.

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Warning, Reminder

Know what's upcoming & Get warned before bad happens.

Pay bills on time. Receive payments on time. Get warned when your Expenses crosses 90% of your earnings. Even get reminded about all personal things from anywhere. You make the best out of next 7 days, next month and so on.

Payments reminder & low balance warning >>
SlickAccount Entry Screen

Reports: that tells you how to be profitable

Make your business earn desired profit.

SlickAccount Entry Screen

Businesses remain unprofitable because they don't know how much is correct profit, what is the minimum sales they required. Now SlickAccount just tells you what you can do to be profitable.

Be smarter than your businessman dad >>

Designed to make you profitable and save your time. Bit by bit

Excel, Tally, Quickbooks or just pen & paper !!!

Spreadsheet, Excel

Aren't they holding you back in critical descision making? Hard to search. You have to scroll, scroll and scroll. Hard to plan or track the budgets and sales. Plus you need advises on pricing etc. Very hard to do.
Tally, Quickbooks, Xero

Aren't they overkill? You simply want to manage your cashflow. And these old souls never help you understand whether you do have internal issues automagically.
Whiteboards & Sticky

You know how hard they are to manage. How hard they are to plan. You can't see historical data and analyse.

Sarah, Smith's Design
Put your transactions, know how much to price, how much sales to do, how much to save. And warning along the line to keep you in track. It's been simple to earn happiness & profit again. It's like signature on the back of the installations.

Janice, Kanan
SlickAccount helps me getting more profit. So neat and beautiful. I recommended to my friends, support is that amazing.

Researching continously what insights can help small businesses become profitable.

Amazing support. From people who know.

Tutorials, videos, best practices, instant chat & screen sharing


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