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Lead us through the customer discovery phase. Work with customers (small businesses & accountants) and bring communication inside and convert our hypothesises into testified facts. Make our customers use and buy our product. You will be key to drive us to profitability.
Build, test and design wonderful help for small business owners. Simplify the complex accounting stuffs to understandable form. Design quick, insightful and powerful product for tens of thousands of small businesses around the world.
We are fan of great support organisations. We feel business touches humans, not numbers. Make our customers feel they are treated by the best company/people in the world. Feel their passion, pain & bring that into the organisation & product team. Write, talk & inspire.

Our Cardinals

Be prepared to work with some of the best talents out there.


Every intuition we have is just another hypothesis until we test it.

Don't make people machines

Software should help people make descisions and not make them some machine.


Design and interface is the software for the customers.

37% world population

Making one small business profitable is like feeding couple of families everyday.

5mins = 1day vacation

Reducing 5 minutes in a day's job is like buying a smallbiz owner a 1day vacation in a year.


A small Confusion is couple of days' stress.

Great team

The best company starts with a great team.

Extreeme efforts

Without effort we are not best people.

No-brainer finance

Finance for small businesses should be no-brainer.


About Working Here

Be prepared to work with some of the best talents out there.

ESOP Option

0.2% - 5% equity in the company for your efforts. See the fruit of your labor.

Learning & Development

Receive $500 annually towards a personal development opportunity of your choice.

Choose your work

Everyone takes responsibility for their work. You can choose what you want to be responsible for and apply your logic.

Work Remotely

A remote job is one that is done away from the office in a remote location, at any time of day.


Open Positions

Following list displays our current required positions. This list will update regularly. Send your resume, work links and letter to or