Cash Flow importance for a business & how to do it effectively?

Lets’ define cash in a scientific way. If we take the company as a human body then cash is the blood. Then why blood, because it’s the most needed thing same as oxygen. A human can’t survive without blood and oxygen and a company can’t run without money, which is cash and human resource, which is an employee.

Cash carries utmost important same as a resource in company or business. So the process of managing& generating cash is called cash-flow management.

A company or a business entity needs cash to meet its everyday operating expenses, asset purchase, marketing expenses etc. Sometimes, an unplanned cash flow management strategies lead to business failure. Cash-flow can be of two types both positive cash-flow and negative cash-flow. Positive cash-flow shows that the company has the cash to meet its obligations, which attracts investors but negative cash-flow shows the company has less cash to meet its daily obligations.

Cash-flow management can be done manually also through cloud software. What are the things a business owner looks for in a cash-flow management tool? For example:

  • When was the last time you paid someone?
  • If you need to pay a guy!
  • How much money you got from certain marketing channel or advertisement etc.
  • How much money or cash in hand you need to meet next month’s office or operational expenses.

These are some basic things a business owner looks for in a cash flow management tool. Before moving to some best tools for cash-flow management, let’s find out what are the best advantages of having a proper cash-flow management system?

  • It helps a business owner to get rid of the debt burden
  • Help a business owner to be stress-free
  • Helps in positive business growth as well as expansion
  • Helps to forecast future income
  • Helps to analyze loan paying capacity before taking any loans
  • Improve investors confidence

1-It helps a business owner to get off the debt burden

No matter how much the business is bog and how much incurring revenue, if it fails to manage cash-flow then it won’t be able to survive in this competitive world. A business owner doesn’t have time to cross check who to pay or from whom take payment.  To get all cash information software is a must need. As through a cash-flow tool a business owner would be able to get all due payment status, cash in hand status, cash needs to be in hand etc. then he can avoid the debt situation. A cash-flow tool helps a business owner to get ready with cash in hand before facing any shortfalls.

2- Helps a business owner to be stress-free

How a business owner would be stress-free? The only way is if he has enough cash to meet day to day expenses i.e. operating expenses also if the business grows in terms of profit. If the business owner would be able to know beforehand how much fund he needs to pay monthly debts, employee salary etc. This way the business owner would be stress-free and can plan strong strategies for business growth & expansion.

3- Helps in positive business growth as well as expansion

Cash flow also leads to business growth & expansion. If the business owner would be able to manage cash flow effectively and efficiently then he could spare more time on making business growth strategies and plans to carry out in order to earn more revenue. Also, the business owner would be to meet more investors to raise funding for smooth business operation and business expansion.

4- Helps to forecast future profit

Cash-flow forecast helps a business to avoid the insolvency situation. If a business runs out of cash and won’t be able to pay its debts then automatically it will be declared as insolvent. To avoid this situation a business owner needs to do a monthly forecast to ascertain the total amount of cash flow needed to meet operating expense & other expenses every month.  Cash-flow forecast helps a business owner to find out cash shortfalls in every month.

5- Helps to analyze loan paying capacity

Sometimes a business owner seeks loans from banks & other financial institutions to avoid a financial crisis in business. But does the business owner aware of how much EMI he would pay and for how long? These statistics he can get from a loan calculator tool or loan adviser tool. Applying for a loan is the only work before that a business owner needs to understand his paying capacity etc.

6- Improves investors confidence

A detail cash flow management with all reports like budget, income & expense, etc. will increase the confidence of the investor. An investor can have a clear picture of business health, sales generation capacity etc. which ultimately helps to take an investment decision.

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