How can an invoice help to get more sales?

We all know that an invoice is raised for the product or service rendered by a business.  But do you know a simple invoice can help you to generate more sales for your business?


In this article, we will shade lights on how a small business can use their invoices in a smarter way to generate more sales?

Here are some awesome invoice features to help you get more payments:

  1. Business Details: How often businesses think of sharing their business address on an invoice? Very rare. and its true business owners think that it’s not necessary to put office address on the invoice as service already rendered or product sold.  Now how it can help you in sales? Sometimes customers have some queries regarding the invoice, items etc. So if they can get the contact details on invoice then they can call you to clarify their doubts and if still there is some due payment you can ask them to pay their dues.  Also, you can impress the customer by providing a good customer service once you got a call from a customer.
  2. Consignment Number: Consignment number is beneficial for both parties. After receiving a purchase order the seller will send the product but to find out or track the status of the product a customer needs to have a consignment number and this can be found out on the invoice. And through consignment number, the seller can find out he got payment for which order and if the product reached the destination or not. When customer received the product and the seller knows about it then he can send a message or mail to make the payment. It’s the best way to get payments.
  3. Item list: Generally after getting an invoice we often cross-check item list that we have purchased to tally with the billing amount.  So, if a customer would be unable to find the item list then it can create a negative impression of the business. And a detail item list can encourage the customer to always prefer your shop or business to fulfill their requirements.
  4. Mail Invoice: In a business, it’s very usual to have some dealy or uncollected payments. But if you can send invoices to the customers over online by email, whats app message etc. then you can get more payments. This feature can save a lot of time of the accountant to find due payment details and in contacting those customers. It can be done automatically using online software like SlickAccount. This would help to send invoices directly to customers over online by mail, chat, whats app etc. This increase the rate of getting payments from customers.

How can you get these features? In this GST regime, every business is using accounting software to record their transactions. And these features you can get by using online accounting software.

The best software which can provide you an amazing & simple invoice is SlickAccount.

But how SlickAccount can help you to get more sales only just using an invoice? Read below to know………

  • Our invoice is very informative: In our invoice, a business owner would be able to provide information pertaining to payments like how much paid, item details, tax paid, due payment etc.
  • It’s fast & simple:  Its very fast & easy to generate invoices using SlickAccount. Just enter item details and generate an invoice.
  • Helps you in brand building: When a customer gets an invoice which is very simple & pleasant in look and would provide all information he seeks for. then it create a good impression for the business and eventually the business may turn to a brand over the years.
  • Helps in getting faster payments: Using SlickAccount you can send invoices directly to customers via mail, whats app and be able to remind them about due payments. This will increase the payment receiving frequency.
  • It’s secure & safe: As our software is a cloud one so all data will be saved in the cloud and on our server. So no need to worry about data loss and any theft. It’s totally safe & secure.
  • It enhances customer relationship: Sometimes we lose our invoice but if we can get it on our mail and whats app then it will be there for a lifetime. So anytime if we want to recheck our purchase we can do it easily. Through this, the customer satisfaction rate will be higher and will build a strong, fruitful customer & business relationship.

Switch to SlickAccount today & enjoy the awesomeness of an invoice.  Visit:

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