How Bar-coding will help Retail Business in Festive Season?

We live in a world where it’s hard not to find barcodes anywhere we go.

One can find barcodes on boxes of food, bottles, books, and even billboards. Even in high street shops, one can find barcodes on clothing items, furniture, appliances; they are found on everything now. The impression behind barcodes is that they can encrypt information about a specific product and even a batch of items.

Barcoding software and hardware can help businesses to pull up product information and details. For example, a barcode scanner could be used to scan the barcode of any given item, and the details on that product would then be processed by the barcoding software. This information will be promptly displayed on the screen of the barcode scanner easily.

This process enables the barcoding software to connect with the business’ inventory and track, update and process inventory stocks. This system can make processes like counting items in the inventory and updating inventory levels much faster and efficient. The software also helps in picking items for orders and also assist for the process of receiving inventory.

Overall, barcoding inventory is much more proficient then manually entering the product serial numbers or information into a computer as it avoids errors & gets work done faster.

Types of Barcodes

In a retail business, the two most common forms of barcodes are used are UPC, or a Universal Product Code barcode and a Code 128 barcode. These two are exceptionally similar but they are used in entirely different ways.

  • UPC barcodes are generally used for pricing tags in retail; this barcode tracks items within their own stocks and stores details of items such as the price, where they are manufactured, and what batch of goods it came from.
  • And Code 128 barcodes are used to manage large amounts of items, so these barcodes are normally used on the boxes that contain the individual items.

The need for Bar Coding Software for Retail Industry.

By using effective barcoding software together with barcode labels, every item can be stored onto a system that also keeps track of the store’s inventory. This is useful in the time of intense shopping season, such as the Durga Puja sales, as the store can now keep track of every product, and can get notified when a certain product is out of stock so that the store can then bring in more articles for sale.

As compared to a time when barcodes were not very popular, it has extremely changed the way how retail stores now manage their stock and saves the store a lot of money& time.

Barcodes in retail can also be used in employee identification. If retail stores require that the members of staff present cards that they must scan in order to be let into the storeroom, a barcode can come in handy. Using these barcode tags is a much efficient way of keeping records while employees go in and out of the store compared to the old-fashioned punch card system.

Benefits of Bar Code Scanning in Software

  • Barcoding enables quick billing. When one spent less time in one customer, then they can spend more time selling items.
  • Barcode software increases accuracy and enables processes to be instigated that reduces human errors and improves inventory management. Manual entry of data is more likely to create errors which can create a huge mess in business.
  • Barcode software can identify productivity issues. Scanning barcodes are also faster and easier than manual entry of information.
  • Also, Barcode scanner can help businesses to ship, receive and count inventory, handle order management, track parts across several places and integrate with your accounting system. In general, this type of software helps to reorganize inventory management and prevent common errors inevitable when using manual data entry processes.
  • The faster resolution of customer requests regarding inventory will also improve one’s reputation to keep attracting customers. Barcode software is, therefore, an essential tool for improving customer satisfaction.


A Retailers Checklist for a Successful Sale Season

As a retailer, Durga Puja is certainly the busiest time of the year, so keeping your game on point can have some real rewards. Failing to organize appropriately, though, can have long-term consequences, whether it’s disappointed customers or missed revenue. With the help of bar-code scanning software, you can ensure that you’re ready for a successful festive sale (and beyond). Barcode scanning helps in quick billing which will reduce the time you spent on one customer & more time selling your products. Because of the scanner, the details of the product are backed up & save in software so you know how much discount you ought to give on a certain product and so the salesman doesn’t need to ask his manager every time.

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