7 best tricks to make your blog successful

Whenever we meditate about content marketing one thing came into our mind is blog & article.

Do you agree? If, yes then you must be aware of the importance of having a blog for business. Video marketing became the trend of inbound marketing strategy in 2018. But, still blogging or say content is and will be the best marketing strategy and it can’t be entitled as outmoded.

  • Blogging can help a business to get more customers than businesses who don’t include content in their marketing strategy.
  • Blogging is the best way to delineate business or software details in a comprehensible manner.
  • Blogging also helps to improve business rankings over Google & other search engines.
  • It will help to drive traffic and boost customer relations by infusing less money
  • According to Hubspot’s recent survey, more than 60% of businesses obtain more customers from their blog
  • A blog helps you to find your right customers & their interest

I hope you understand the importance of having or create a blog for your business. Now let’s move to dig out the 7 best tricks or tips to make your blog successful.

The easiest way which almost all blogger follows to drive visitors are sharing articles on bookmarking sites and just doing machine type works. I would like to say we are human and obviously, we will talk or communicate with some human. So, participate in some discussions and share information about your blog or article. This would help to increase the trustworthiness and value of your blog.

  1. List out ways to monetize your blog: The first & foremost trick or say tip would be to list out ways to monetize your blog even before starting to frame articles. Find out readers who would find your article worthy and beneficial for them. They can be your target customers, competitors, entrepreneurs etc. You may also think to invest some money in your blog to generate more conversions. But I would suggest you prefer for organic way as it will give long-term profits in terms of visitors, page rank, good search engine rank etc.
  2. Curate creative & worthy content: We all know that competition in the business industry has reached a high level and you would find there are a bunch of blogs available to share knowledge and insights. However, most of the blogs are junk and never share anything of quality that people would like to read. Simple, creative yet extensive content which will make your blog stand out in the crowd. Content can create a brand name for your business.
  3. Start Email marketing from the beginning: Until and unless you would reach to people to aware them about your blog, your blog wouldn’t receive more visitor. Before the launch of your new blog make a list of people who are waiting to read your blog or who would be happy to read your insights in the form of articles. Make a list of your friends, relatives, entrepreneur buddies etc. and send mail that you are launching your blog and what type of content they can find in your blog. This is one the best approach to drive more visitors and convert them to paid customers. Apart from email marketing, you may use social media networks to spread the news about your blog.
  4. Know your followers: Make a note of it: followers are the first & most important reader or visitor of your blog. If you reach and communicate with them then they may bring more visitors using word of mouth and spread the news about your blog in their network. Always try to communicate with them and write what they like also ask for their suggestion to improve your blog & writings.
  5. Conduct Webinars & go live: Apart from email marketing, start to add new strategies to promote your blog. Start doing webinars and use the live feature of Facebook and other social media sites to solve customer queries and to shade lights on your content and blog. This webinar would help you to reach your target audience.
  6. Onboard some influencers: Influencers are the ones who made themselves a brand and people will follow them blindly. So, if they would say a good point about your product or will share your blog then for sure your blog will be flooded with visitors and people with a higher reputation in the industry. Getting influencers to talk about your blog is the fastest way to elevate the no. of blog followers.
  7. Do guest blogging: Some popular blogs like Yourstory, Entrepreneur, HubSpot & others accept guest posts on the blog. Just visit their website and understand guest blogging rules and regulations. Some blogs accept direct submission and some ask to send a request mail to post your articles. Go through the policies and start submitting articles on guest blogging sites. For your information, never do the guest post on low authority sites as this won’t of much help.

These are some of the top tips to make your blog stand out in the crowd. Follow these tips and if you are struggling somewhere then share your queries on the comment box or chat with us on www.slickaccount.com. You may visit our Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin page.

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