State of the Art Payment Methods

At SlickAccount, everything that we do is backed by one and only one basic motive, which is helping our customer grow. To ensure that we are doing so we always try to bring forward products that ease your operations and minimize your task completion time.

As we already have discussed in our Blog on POS software and machine the issue with most of the QSRs, is the long queue in front of the billing counter. Such an issue can actually deteriorate the customer experience that you want to create. We also discussed how our POS software helps you to avoid such situations in our first blog, “QSRs!! Are you still a slave to your POS software &machines“.

In this blog, we will be discussing, in brief, the State-of-the-art Payment methods that we have in our POS software and devices. Let us tell you this, that all these methods are Next generation Payment Methods, brought to you by SlickAccount. Oh, don’t be afraid !! It’s all there with your POS Software. You don’t need to pay a penny more than what you pay for our POS software. Don’t be surprised yet. We are yet to begin.

  1. Send Payment Link with Invoice                                                                                                                    Now you don’t need to prepare and print an invoice and wait for the
    Invoice with Payment and Print option at the Top

    customer to pay. Suppose you have a restaurant. A customer arrives and your waiter takes the order asks customers about their personal details like name and contact no and mail id, and after they are finished and having their dessert the waiter will close the order and they will receive an invoice in their mail with the Payment Link. They can simply visit the link and pay the said amount. Also, don’t worry if your customer is someone who forgot to bring his\her credit\debit card then at least you saved on those Paper expenses.

  2. Independent Payment Link                                                                                                                            This feature helps you to send your customers a payment link not
    Payment Link with “Pay Now” option

    attached with any invoices. Rather, they will have the option to either view the invoice or pay directly. If they choose to pay directly then they will click on the “Pay Now” button and they will be directly sent to your payment gateway and you will receive the payment. Thinking how it is useful??? Think of a situation when your customer is well aware of what amount he/ she has consumed and he/she doesn’t want to look at the invoice rather directly pay. Then in such a case, he will receive the mail with our invoice and there will be another option saying “Pay Now” that will directly send him to the payment gateway where your customer can make the payment without any delay.

  3. SMS & Email Payment Link  & Auto-Reminder                                                                                
    Email Notification Interval and other Settings


    Make your own Template or Use our Templates


    Example of Custom made Templates

    The payment link that you send to your customer can both be through the text SMS and Email. You can send SMS and Email on your own in our software,  you just have to create an Invoice which will be automatically be created when your waiter closes the order then you will have the option to whether send it as an SMS or E-Mail. Simple as that.

    Now send a reminder to your customer weekly, monthly or in some days. The interval of the reminder depends on you. You can also prepare customized reminders to your customers. And don’t worry, you also have our templet Mails to take reference and use, if you want to. You just have to define the keywords out there and you are done.

  4. Payment Link Status Tracking                                                                                                                  Now you can send them the online invoices and also see the status of the invoice. By status, we mean payment status-: thinking about how it is useful to you as a QSR owner? Think of a situation where you have sent them the invoice along with the payment link but you don’t know whether they paid or not. While you might be thinking of asking them one by one it may create an awkward situation both for you and your customers. So you don’t need to ask them one by one now, you just have to simply check in our software whether the payment has been done or not. If not, then while they are leaving, you may ask them politely that whether they have made the payment or forgot to do so.                                                                    
  5. Payment Reconciliation                                                                                                                                  Once you have linked your Bank Ac to the software you can easily tally the amount that you have received in your bank account and the amount that the customer has actually paid. For example, you have the Payment gateway
    Bank Reconciliation

    system which takes payment from the customer and pays you back after taking its 2% share on the billed amount. You have the option to choose whether the charges will be charged upon you or to the customer. If it has to be charged to the customer then if the customer ate a Biriyani for ₹100 then while paying through the online payment gateway he will be charged ₹102.                                                                                                                                                                                  But if the charges are to be paid by you then you need to understand that if the bill is ₹100 then your customer will pay ₹100 only and the ₹2 will be charged to you ie. in your bank account will receive only ₹98.This is where the payment reconciliation comes into play and detects what amount you have received according to your sales and what you have actually received in your bank account from the Payment Gateway platforms.  This reduces your burden to a huge extent as in traditional software you need to manually change all those entries and record them with a new edited money value checking the amount your bank has received.

There is a saying that “all good things must come to an end”. But don’t worry at SlickAccount we believe that “all good things must define the word infinity“. That being said we have and will always make sure that our product serves you better and it serves you forever.  So don’t make any delay now.  Sign in to SlickAccount’s POS software and Devices to “do more than Just Invoicing“.


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