The most common reason for business failure

The most common reason for business failure is people don’t invest in stuffs they should. And that’s called not taking risk.

Can this tool make me more efficient and I can get more out of what I’m investing and can get success done quicker. 

They just continuously look into their wallet and tells oh scrap I shouldn’t invest in it. Else I’ll not have money for tomorrow. And that’s why they just keep having the money on their wallet and they never could increase it.

And it’s not just about monetary investment, but more often it is the case.

And don’t laugh, you might be in that state too. I know, I was there too.

And thank God we didn’t built SlickAccount software on that rule. We always hated to show something that deters people from investing. And that’s the common thing accounting softwares do. We instead focus on incomes and cash in hand. It’s OK to invest. But can you get this much in this amount of time?

This thing is so subtle. But you can see it everywhere around SlickAccount. And it’s a biggest secrete in making SlickAccount work for a lot of small businesses.

So invest on stuffs that can make it easy for you to reach your goal fast and buy you time. But don’t spend on stuffs that’s independent of this relationship. You can do that later.

Profitability tools, books & blog links

Why most small business owners are unprofitable?

1. They don’t know at which price point to sell.
2. They don’t know who to sell and why.
3. They don’t understand marketing is more strategy, positioning, messaging and customer segment than tools to reach more people.
4. Good books on Sells are lesser read. They read more books on marketing. 
5. Most are fearful when approaching to a client. They fear about if they’ll lose the sells, even before understanding whether they are his target or not. They don’t know how to say NO.
6. Basically most are not confident about their business.
7. They never really keep a track of their progress and goals.
8. They don’t give importance to the relationship between finance and their organisation.

So if any of the above defines you. You’re most likely doomed to fail.

If you are one of these then ping me with your email id to and in one line what your business does. SlickAccount is going to send you a list of tools, books, blog links that can make you better in all the above areas on the 1st birthday of SlickAccount on 19th July, 2014. Plus you will get a free subscription to Profitability University Newsletter starting from September.