When you are running a smaller SaaS company

While SlickAccount currently doesn't offer package creation etc. You can start with invoicing your client for first time. And set a recurring schedule. We offer powerful APIs to show it in your software with just few clicks.

Subscription Billing

Recurring invoicing

Uniquely search pattern give you wing to get your desired data


A set of report on invoice and bill give you clear picture of business.


Get track every action which made against your invoice.

Credit/Debit note

Get track every action which made against your invoice.

Supported Payment Gateways

Instamojo, Razorpay, Paypal

Usage based complex billing

Suits if you bill based on number of users or, slab or, meter

Step 1:

Upload usage data via excel sheet

Step 2:

Build unique packages/customer rules

Step 3:

Create and send invoices immediately

Amazing set of APIs

One line code to show the customer all his bills

echo getViewReadyDataAll($your_customer_company_id); 
  1. Show Invoices, related receipts, partially paid invoices and a pay button to pay all the due
  2. Pre coded with Bootstrap 4.0. Change CSS easily to match your theme.
  3. Pre built White, Dark & Transparent themes. No need to design.

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What our customers say

From smaller boutique firms to large startups and universities, everyone love SlickAccount

“ We have just reduced our billing process from 7 days, multiple speadsheets, numerous calculations, a lot of error to 1 day, 1 spreadsheet, no error, complex pricing slabs and more insights. Couldn't have ask them for more.”

“ SlickAccount is simple to use, quick to create recurring billing and setting payment reminder. They released a simple code to embed the invoices to our application for our customers, gonna try that too.”