Dashboard and Activities

A small overview of what our beautiful DashBoard is all about and how you can benefit from the Activities window.


This section of videos will guide you with various options available in the Settings of SlickAccount's GST Accounting Software. Go through these videos first, before watching any other video.

Invoice and Bill Settings (Part 1)

This video is the fist part of Invoice and Bill Settings. Here you can learn how you can Set the number format for the Invoices and set the Default Terms and Conditions and Customer notes.

Invoice and Bill Settings (Part 2)

This is the second video of the invoice and bill settings videos. In this video you can learn how to add LOGO, set the Invoice Format, see the Invoice Preview and edit Key Words in the Invoice.

Quotation Settings

In this video, you can learn how you can pre-set certain options in the Quotations like the visibility of Terms and Conditions, Customer Notes and Amount and many more.

Challan Settings

This video is concerning the Challan Settings,. This video consists of all the settings in Challan.

Items and Inventories

Adding items, managing inventory, integrating inventory to online portals, generating barcodes, managing expiry dates and more.

Add Items, Preview, Item List, and Utilization

This Video will guide you so that you can Add items into the items list, and then see all the details about the Item in the Preview and make an entry of Utilized Items.

How to enter Item Wastage and Personal Use

This Video will guide you to make Entries on Item Wastage and for any Personal Use.

Contacts: Customers, Vendors, Employees, Users

This section of videos consists of, how you add Customers, Vendors and Users in SlickAccount's GST Accounting Software.

Add Customers and Vendors

This video will help you to know how you can add Customers and Vendors in SlickAccount's GST Accounting Software.

User Roles

This video will help you to understand how you can add Users, and the meaning of various Roles available for assigning to the users in SlickAccount's GST Accounting Software.

Migrating from another software

Migrating from Tally or Zohobooks or Quickbooks, here are guides to help you get started quickly.

For power users

If you are a power user loves shortcuts, import, export from different tools or integrations, you will have some amazing videos to help you here.


All the business reports and financial reports will be here

Segment for CAs & Lawyers

This section is dedicated to CAs and Lawyers who will do the filling for these businesses. This section will contain videos of GST filing, I-T filing, TDS filing and more from SlickAccount GST accounting software directly

A beginners' guide to accounting software

This section contains videos that is designed for beginners. If you are wondering what's a challan and when I should create one, then this guide is for you.