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Income, Expense, Bank Transfer

Simple way to add income, expense, bank transfer and tag transactions for your business

Simplest and quickest

Enter a whole month's income and expense in 5 minutes.


Spent from Personal account.

You spend a lot from your personal account. Now easily maintain your personal account, your partner's personal account, employee's travel accounts etc.

Budget & plan

You spent Rs. 3000 from your personal account and received a sales of Rs. 2000 to your account. Now you need to take Rs.1000 back from the company. Step1. Create a new account. Step2. Enter your transaction, choosing your personal account. Step3. See the net balance you need to transfer to your personal account. Now transfer.

One unified form.

This is the only one form where you put your data. From only these data SlickAccount can tell you enormous things about your business.

Budget & plan

This form saves 300minutes of work per month. If your salary is Rs. 30000pm and thus you save Rs. 937.50 pm. Also if you calculate the search time you spend on, that it simplifies, it saves you Rs. 8000pm which is 10times ROI. And just imagine you may bring another customer in that amount of free time. And we have not included the descision making value it adds with clear advises and report.

SlickAccount gets wiser with your business.

As you enter your incomes and expenses, SlickAccount understands your business much deeper and tells you wonderful things.

SlickAccount suggests few parameters to keep your eyes on i.e. your average income per employee, per administrative employee and per managerial staff, whether your marketing needs some customer segmentation or not.

Anytime you need help? Just click on "Any problem dear?" inside the App.

And we help you in 10 minutes.


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