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Do you find it difficult to look for an old transaction?

We understand in most accounting software, searching olders transactions is often cumbersome. Finding all transactions related to one project or customer or employee is often difficult. But we also know small businesses spend 3 times more often to search than they have transactions. So we make searching accounting transactions, invoices simple, so you can quickly search and enjoy the rest of the time.

Budget & plan

John has a salary due for last quarter

How much salary did I pay to 'John' in September?

Budget & plan

It took only 3 seconds from any screen. How much time it took you before?

Vik, your partner, wants $200 back that he spent on something

Budget & plan


It took only 5 seconds from any screen. How much time it took you before?

Real ROI of Google Ads vs Your personal blog's banner

What are all the income and expenses related to the tag #bannerads

Budget & plan

It took only 1 second. Was it possible for you before?

All the transactions of this month

SlickAccount provides both planned and achieved transactions of the present month.

Budget & plan

Filter any search to unlimited depth


Particular date or date range

Personal account, Credit cards, different bank accounts, cash in hand

Salaries or Rent or Sales etc

By the name of customer or vendor or employee

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